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AGRISOVGAZ LLC was founded in 1990 as a joint venture of RAO Gazprom and the Dutch fi rm Agrisystems engaged in the manufacture and construction of greenhouses in gas-producing regions of Russia. Today the industrial complex «AGRISOVGAZ» is the leading Russian manufacturer of industrial greenhouse complexes. The production of aluminum profi les, steel metal-roll, metal structures has been organized at its own enterprises in the Kaluga region. There is a tool production workshop and a hot-dip galvanizing plant put into operation.

Facts about LLC "AGRISOVGAZ":

• AGRISOVGAZ LLC is the only Russian company that creates modern greenhouse complexes from scratch
• In 1990, we were the fi rst in the USSR who began to produce industrial greenhouses using Dutch technology
• Over 30 years of our history, we remain the best company in the industry and have no analogues in Russia
• At our own factories we manufacture products that are fully adapted for use in all climatic zones
• We help investors get a promising, highly profi table business and provide full, comprehensive project support
• You do not need to negotiate with suppliers, search for contractors and control the construction - all this will be done by our experts
• Each customer can choose the option package he needs and create his own unique greenhouse
• Our experts optimize the project and offer the best engineering solutions
• At the request of the customer, we will provide greenhouse complexes with planting material, substrate and process equipment, as well as organize training for greenhouse personnel


Mirnaya Str.3 Maloyaroslavets, 249092, Kaluga region

+ 7 800 302 10 35



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Markus Walter

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