About the company

International producer of preparations for adjustive dressing (macro-elements, fertilisers of direct effect, plant growth stimulants, oligo-mineral fertilisers).

The preparations made by our company are used in all key agrarian regions of the country, including Krasnodar province, Stavropol province, Rostov and Voronezh regions, Volgograd region, Povolzhie.

We offer a high level of services to our clients. Being a producer, the company offers integrated solutions for quality and quantity correction of harvest, which allows optimisation of resources and increase in efficiency of owners’ investments.


legal address: Biochefarm RUS
119571, Moscow, Vernadskogo pr-kt, dom 8A

+7 961 408-39-99
8 800 707 03 96


Irina Fedusiv

Sales Director Deputy

Liliya Karamova

Sales manager

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