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Based in Nieuwerkerken in the Belgian province of Limburg, Carolus Trees has been a leading player on the market of tree nurseries in its home country for many years. Producing well over 2,000,000 apple and pear trees a year, nowadays Carolus Trees supplies fruit growers across Europe and Central Asia. The business is also planning trials in South Africa and Chile. Over 85% of the trees are intended for export.

Carolus Trees is more than just a tree nursery. The company runs a sophisticated logistical system to get the right tree to the right customer at the right time. A formidable feat, considering that the company is in the business of live products and operations need to be planned 2 to 3 years ahead of time.

Carolus Trees is currently home to a team of 30 seasoned staff, which is expanded with up to 130 seasonal workers

during peak times. As a partner of ABCz group, an international organisation which focuses on developing new apple and pear varieties, the company keeps its finger firmly on the pulse of developments in the fruit industry to better cater for the changing needs of fruit farmers and fruit markets alike.

Carolus Trees has witnessed a number of major changes in recent times. For one thing, since September 2017 the tree nursery has been sailing under the flag of Group MC, a dynamic and flexible investment group based in Hasselt, which has enabled the business to successfully pursue its growth and international expansion policy.

Thanks to Carolus Trees’ passionate staff, who apply the utmost care on a day-to-day basis in developing and growing the company’s trees, the business is set to conquer Europe and the world at large.


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