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About the company

EUROHOLOD Group is a professional cooperation of several companies. It has been functionizing through the development of stores, industrial and commercial construction for 20 years. Futhermore, we are engaged in ventilation and consctructioanl technologies made for trade, commercial and manufacturing properties. We provide qualitative service in engineering, projection, production, installation and renovation of industrial engineering systems and reconstruction of store buildings successfully. We work with primal international companies which are ingaged in equipment production as a long-dated contract partners with a high level of reliability and confidence. We ensure successful, effective and comfortable partnership for our clients due to being in the possession of long-stand company with accreditations, good reputation and 20 years of practice. We offer a complexity EUROHOLOD Group start its work from a choice of technology and project-making to work execution control and coordination.

You receice a unique exclusive partner:

- management specialist with project-making knowledge;
- primary entrepreneur in project-making;
- master-builder of projects with any complexity and type;
- supplier and assembling contractor with a large background.


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Alexey Tsyganov

Director of Commerce “Indusstrial and commercial cold supply systems”

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