Investment projects

Vineyards establishment, Nadezhda

The project of 300 hectares of vineyards establishment on the premises of Shishkinskoe company is under development. Currently, the establishment of 182.22 hectares of vineyards has been carried out, the primary processing of grapes into wort is carried out, which is supplied to the Nadezhda winery in Georgievsk. Priority areas for cooperation are modern agro-industrial technologies and equipment aimed at creating factories of a full production cycle, including production, storage, and deep processing of agro-industrial products. Investment: 100 million RUB.

Orchard establishment, Selkhoz-Galan

The Kurganinsky district is developing an investment project on setting up of an apple orchard and a vineyard. This will increase the area of perennial plantings by 245 hectares, create new jobs and increase production. To date, the investor has already laid out a garden on an area of 65 hectares and a vineyard on an area of 5.6 hectares. Specialists have performed the installation of drip irrigation and anti-hail grid. The project will assist in estimation of 20 new jobs and production increase to 4 thousand tons per year. Investment: 400 million RUB.

Orchard establishment and construction, Luch

The company plans to invest in horticulture in the Manturovsky district of the Kursk region. About half of the investment will be directed to planting of a new intensive garden on an area of 50 hectares. The second part of the funds will be spent on the construction of a fruit storage facility with a cooling system for 6 thousand tons of apples. Investment: 1 billion RUB.

Construction, APK Prielbrusye

In the Adyge-Khablsky district of Karachay-Cherkessia, a fruit storage facility with a capacity of 20 thousand tons with sorting and packaging equipment will be built by 2026 as part of an investment project. The project will be implemented in stages. Currently, work has been completed on the construction of a fruit storage facility for 5 thousand tons with sorting and packaging equipment, in the future it is planned to build facilities with a capacity of 15 thousand tons. The project realisation will enable to produce 12.6 thousand tons of fruits, which will help stabilise prices and increase the availability of fruits for residents of the republic.

Orchard establishment, KFKH BROD

The company will build an intensive orchard in the Luga district with an area of 300 hectares. Investment: 200 million RUB.

Construction, Stavropol province Development Corporation, Stavropol Stud Farm No. 170

An agreement on the development of an investment project for the construction of a fruit storage facility for storage and primary processing of fruits with a 12,000-tonne storage capacity was signed. Mainly, the new production facility will be used for storing apples of local producers and neighbouring republics of the North Caucasus Federal District. The project will be implemented by the company as a resident of the Alexandrovsky Industrial Park. The Stavropol Krai Development Corporation will begin construction of infrastructure for the project realisation in 2022. Investment: 700 million RUB.


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