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Investment projects

Orchard, Belgorodskie Yabloki

A large-scale fruit growing project will be developed in the Belgorod region. The company named Belgorodskie Yabloki owned by Dmitry Palienko and Andrei Bukavnev will develop a project on apple orchard expansion in the Novooskolsky municipal district. The orchard area will be expanded 230 to 620 ha. Here a storage facility will be built as well.

The project was approved by the expert committee under the department of economic development of the region. “We will be provided with about 1000 ha of land. In spring we plan to establish about 100 ha, including 87 ha of apple trees and 13 ha of sweet cherry trees, and in autumn another 100 ha are expected for planting”, say company executives. It was also noted that there it was planned to erect a fruit storage facility with a capacity of 23,000 tonnes with sorting lines.

The project implies establishment of an intensive orchard with drip irrigation, allowing to get 40 tonnes per ha (overall up to 25,000 tonnes of apples per annum). Belgorodskie Yabloki prefers to apply expensive intensive technologies. The company has planted such apple varieties as Idared, Jonagold, Golden Delicious, Red Chief, Champion, Gala, Ligol. The production capacity is expected to be reached in the 4th year after planting. To build a storage facility, the company has already purchased the production sites.

Development programme, Agronom-Sad

Agronom-Sad is a fast-growing Russian producer of apples who operates in the Lipetsk region. The company is developing a long-term development strategy and business modernisation which imply business growth and transformation through large-scale investment in development of intensive orchard farming, orchard area expansion, and introduction of best global practices. The development of company long term strategy will allow to increase production from current 30,000 tonnes to 70,000 tonnes, coupled with productivity growth to 60-65 tonnes per ha. The goal of Agronom-Sad is to turn into one of the largest producers of apples in Russia, innovative and technological leader in the field, and to support the Brand “Russian apples” on the international market.

Intensive orchard, construction, Bryanskiy Sad

Conclusion of an agreement between Branskiy Sad company and the Government of the Bryansk region was an important event in the Bryansk region. Here an investment project will be developed implying establishment of an apple orchard of intensive type on the area of 1000 ha in the Kletnyansky district. Construction of warehouses with utilities will also take place. The project is included in the register of investment projects of the Bryansk region. The project will generate 300 job opportunities.

Construction, Svobodnensky Fruit Nursery

The company annually treats and establishes orchards. To generate revenue and to supply the local market with apples the company initiates an investment project aimed at storage and processing of fruit. The project implies construction of a fruit storage facility, lines for wasteless production of seeds, shock-freezing of berries, installation of equipment for juice production, etc. The fruit nursery owns 1055 ha of land, fruit and berry plantations occupy the area of 190 ha, including fruit-bearing trees on the area of 115 ha, where honeyberries, gooseberries, raspberries, currants, pears, apples, strawberries, and other berries grow.

Orchard, construction, Rassvet

It is planned to establish a 100-ha plantation to grow strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and honeyberries. To date, plantations occupy the area of 130 ha. The company operates using imported planting stock only. But plans include development and establishment of an own nursery. The government of the region supports the project through reimbursing up to 15% of expenses.

Orchard, Eco-kultura

Eco-kultura is one of the largest producers of greenhouse vegetables in Russia. The company intends to establish an intensive orchard in Dagestan where it is planned to grow peaches, apricots, sweet cherries, and grapes, and to build a modern fruit storage facility. Within 5 years the company plans to plant trees on the area of 2000 ha.

The company intends to cooperate with local producers who are now forced to sell fruits to intermediaries as there are no storage facilities.

“Dagestan is a good place for growing fruit”, says Tamara Reshetnikova, General Director of Growth Technologies, “The region has zones with special climate which ideally suits such type of growing”.


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