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Agronomists from Tambov have a record-breaking harvest of apples

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According to the data of the Agriculture department of the Tambov region, 17,5k tonnes of apples have been harvested. This is 2 times more than the last year when 9k tonnes of apples were harvested. To date the farmers picked 73% of apple harvest. The results were achieved through the expansion of orchard area – from 1122 ha in 2017 to 1702 ha in 2018, and due to good fruit fertility – 128k kg per ha (in 2017 it was 90k kg per ha).

A total of 12 dedicated fruit-growing plantations are now under operation in the Tambov region. The largest plantations (over 300 ha) belong to “Dubovoye” and “Snezhetok”. These companies contributed the most – from 3 to 6,5k tonnes of fruit. Another major contributor is “Zherdevsky” fruit nursery. The max yield was fixed here – 294k kg per ha. A half of fruit-growing plantations have already completed all the works.

Alexander Nikitin, the governor, singled out fruit-growing sector as one of the focus areas for the development of agriculture in the Tambov region in the coming years.

Let us recall that a large-scale establishment of fruit-orchards – over 900 ha – started in 2017 (of intensive type predominately). It is planned that by 2020 the yield is to increase to 60k tonnes, covering 80% of region’s needs.

This year the agrarians plan to start over 1k ha of new orchards. One half of the works has been already completed.




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