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Over 1 billion roubles have been spent on fruit-growing and viticulture in Kuban in 2018

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The development issues were discussed at the scheduled meeting of ruling party “United Russia”

When opening the discussion, Yury Burlachko, the chairman, noted that fruit-growing and viticulture industries have become the main tax payers in a number of settlements in Kuban, providing the citizens with work places and wages. According to the speaker, it became possible due to strengthening support measures from the government.

“Over 1 billion roubles have been channelled to support orchards and vineyards in Kuban this year. As a result, the yield has reached the average level of European countries, and gross yield of fruit and grape has increased 1,5-fold if compared to 2012. Now it is over 40% from average production in Russia. Nevertheless, we continue controlling the sector”, said Yury Burlachko.

According to him, the industry has a lot to cope with. Today the region does not have enough fruit storage facilities, grape planting stock. It is required to improve selection and increase the area of new orchards of intensive type.

Deputy chairman of the Kuban Parliament, chairman of the committee for the development of agro-industrial complex and food supplies Alexander Trubilin dwelled upon the solutions to address the challenges his colleague spoke about. He said that the region now features storage facilities with the capacity of 160k tonnes, and soon another 60k tonnes will be put into operation – the construction will be launched in the nearest future.

He also spoke about the lack of high-quality planting stock. The region now accounts for three fruit nurseries which grow over one million seedlings, but they are used to cover the needs of vine-growing farms. The situation is to change because of high-tech nursery in the Temryuksky district launched last year.

The members of the party also discussed the problem of labour deficiency. They concluded that a new training centre was needed.

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