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The Krasnodar Territory will spend 100m RUB on small gardens support in 2018

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The Krasnodar Territory will allocate 100m RUB in the regional programme for the support of small gardens in 2018, as announced by the Governor Veniamin Kondratyev.

“We are launching the “Small garden” programme next year. Within its framework, the territory will reimburse up to 90% of agrarian costs establishing less than 3 ha. The pilot support programme will account for 100m RUB. If it turns out effective, we shall register a considerable increase in production yield shortly”, – he said.

As reported by the Governor, the capacity of Russian fruit market is immense. Only 40% of overall apple consumption is grown in Russia, so there is definitely some room for improvement . We have to occupy the market with domestic products. This is why we boost the state support for gardening at large, which in 2018 will total 500m RUB.

In general, as follows from the 2018-2020 regional budget law, the government support for the regional agriculture will total 7,4bn RUB.

More than 200 intensive gardens will be established on household plots in the Stavropol territory

About 200 intensive gardens will be created on house household plots in the Stavropol territory in 2018. A number of city councils are already planning participation.

Intensive-type gardens differ from common timber stands with higher density. As a rule, such gardens enable higher yield and profit in the early years. The intensive and super-intensive gardening majorly involves large companies.

Approximately hundred residents of the Stavropol territory, ready to cultivate the intensive garden at their households, have met the First Regional Deputy Chair of the Government Nikolay Velikdan, Regional Minister of Agriculture Vladimir Sitnikov, and representative of Sady Stavropolya Aidyn Shirinov. There is a pilot site in Grazhdansky village of the Mineralovodsky area. A number of such gardens will total 200 in 2018.

As Velikdan noted, the project will obtain support from the regional budget, which in 2018 will account for 80m RUB. The Stavropol authorities have settled for household intensive gardens in an effort to give rural residents the opportunity to earn.

The project will involve the residents of the Ipatovsky, Predgornsky, Georgievsky, Mineralovodsky and Andropovsky areas.

As it was earlier informed, the programme for small farming support in the Stavropol territory came into effect in 2012. In this period, the farmers have received a total of 1,2bn RUB from regional and federal budgets. It ensured 397 new employment opportunities, and product output as of 2,7bn RUB.

Dagestan masters intensive gardens
Gardeners of Dagestan have established 1287 ha of new gardens in 2017, including 617,5 ha of intensive gardens, exceeding the 187 ha target.

The leaders are Mugaramkentsky (461 ha) and Kizilurtovsky (169 ha) areas.

Gardening is a conventional essential branch of Dagestan’s agriculture, being the only revenue earner in some highland and piedmont areas of the republic. Establishing intensive orchards in Dagestan started 6 years ago, enabling to plant at least 800 tress per one hectare, compared to the conventional orchard density as of 200 – 300 fruit trees.



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584m RUB will be channelled to develop viticulture in Dagestan

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