The company “Plattenhardt + Wirth” is a leading specialist and a reliable partner in the construction of industrial and refrigeration facilities on a turn-key basis since 1965:

warehouses for long-term storage in the CA (ULO) for fruits and vegetables (apples, pears, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, soft fruits)

centers for sorting and packaging of food products large centers of logistics and wholesale markets for vegetables and fruits production facilities for the processing of meat, fish, milk, vegetables, etc.

banana ripening rooms and storage facilities for tropical and exotic fruits deep-freeze rooms for food (poultry, fish, meat, dairy products, etc.)

service center and spare parts warehouse in Russia, warranty and post-warranty service, training of maintenance personnel.

At the same time, we work as a general designer and general contractor in close cooperation with local partners/companies. Our representative offices in the territory of the CIS market coordinate our work.