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A different way of understanding agriculture

Backed by the huge experience of a team fully specialized in the agricultural sector, Profesional AGRO is the informative environment that makes available to today’s farmer all the information necessary to achieve the maximum performance in the modern management of their farm. The monthly Profesional AGRO magazine, available in print and digital format, collects punctually and in a high-quality graphic environment the most relevant news and events in agriculture.

At www.profesionalagro.com the Internet user will find the main news and developments in the sector with special attention to everything related to tools, applications and devices used in precision agriculture, as well as interviews, product sheets, technical reports, agricultural agenda, a wide coverage of national and international events and fairs and other current affairs. The Internet user will enjoy total control of content in a specialized and up to date environment. A weekly Newsletter and full integration with social media complete this global interactive experience, turning Profesional AGRO into an agile and dynamic environment in which farmers, manufacturers, importers, distributors and other professionals will find the perfect complement to increase their impact. of their message.

Profesional AGRO readers profile includes managers, technicians, sales managers and personnel in the industries related to manufacturing, import / export, marketing and distribution of any kind of agricultural machinery, accessories, tools, implements, ect. Responsibles and associates of agricultural and livestock cooperatives and professional service companies to third parties, high level personnel of central, regional and municipal public administrations, as well as farmers in general, usually of medium and high purchasing power.

Profesional AGRO is a nationally broadcast publication, but the interest of its content has crossed our frontiers, with more than seven percent of distribution in foreign countries, preferably in Europe and America. In our website, the entries of foreign Internet users requesting information and online subscriptions reaches 20%.


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