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Corporation was founded in 1919 and is currently one of the largest multinational corporations in the world. The company is represented in 67 countries and employs over 72 thousand workers. The agrochemical business has been actively developing since 1962. The Russian history of Sumitomo Corporation began more than 25 years ago with the opening of its representative office in Moscow, and in 2008 a Russian agricultural division was founded in the Russian Federation. For more than 10 years, SumiAgro Russia has been offering the country's agricultural producers unique, verified solutions from the best science-driven agrochemical companies in Japan. An orchard is a very difficult living environment. It presents dozens of different organisms, among which there are pests, diseases, and weeds. They can be both relatively harmless inhabitants of the garden, as well as cause significant harm to it. Therefore, an experienced gardener will not be surprised by the fact that in order to obtain a high yield of fruits and berries, it is necessary to carry out up to 30 chemical treatments of trees annually.
And, of course, a threat to human health and the ecological state of the environment is inadmissible.

Understanding the problems of Russian gardeners, Sumitomo Corporation, now represented by the Russian company SumiAgro, has been for over 60 years supplying to the country's market plant protection agents that can solve these problems. This, in particular, is what the SumiSad's philosophy is aimed at, which is based on the use of not just highly effective chemical means of protection, but primarily ecologically sound ones. So, for example, the Shin-Etsu® technology allows to protect the garden from damage caused by apple worms throughout the whole season without resorting to the same chemicals.

Thus, thanks to the SumiSad's philosophy, gardeners achieve the highest possible degree of protection for their gardens while maintaining human health and a safe environment.


Head office: 125009, Moscow, st. Vozdvizhenka, 4/7, bldg. 2 +7 (495) 775-96-13 SumiAgro Russia - agricultural division of Sumitomo Corporation

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