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The company SumiAgro Russia is a part of the Sumi Agro Europe group, and is one of the major subsidiary businesses of Sumitomo Corporation – a leading Japanese multinational corporation with a 400-year history.

Together with our Japanese partners, in Russia we offer a range of new technologies in systems for protection and nutrition for plants. We select prospective products and technologies from our Japanese partners’ arsenal, representing their interests in Russia and conducting testing processes and product registration, offering a full cycle of consulting services for producers, who then take responsibility for setup and installation of the new products.

We strive to reduce ecological impacts related to the use of pesticides through integration of systems that support inherent protection of agricultural products. Our technologies have changed thinking among agricultural goods producers, creating new segments in ecological protection.

To bring together like minds in the industry, we created the SumiSad industry project, with participation from scientific and practical experts – producers in orchard and vineyard culture. At the Orchards of Russia forum, we will present 2 revolutionary technologies for ecological protection of apple orchards and vineyards that will fundamentally change your understanding of systems for ecological protection in the segment.