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Super-Agro is engaged in distribution of fertilisers, chemicals for agriculture, and biostimulators. With numerous lab and field tests on comparative efficacy of various fertilisers and biostimulators in agriculture, company experts select the best agro-chemical instruments for intensive farming.

Super-Agro is an official distributor of the world’s leading producers of fertilisers, chemicals, and biostimulators. Our key partners are YARA (Norway), IKAR® (Great Britain), and Biolchim (Italy).

Founded in 1972, to date, the company Biolchim S.p.A is a leader on the Italian market and one of the leaders in production and commercialisation of special-purpose fertilisers.

IKAR® is a modern European producer of liquid fertilisers of the international level. The technologies by IKAR® have the unique formula of liquid fertilisers, one of the best teams of agronomists, and professional technological solutions.

Our distinctive features are high professional level of experts, wide database of knowledge and technologies, unique and clear classification of produce which help precisely select the effective solutions for any agronomic challenges.


352900 Krasnodar Territory, g Armavir, st. Vorovskogo, 60, office 103

+7 (928) 401-28-88
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Yakov Kartashov

Director of Russian Branch Advice&Consulting

+7 928 038 7718

Egor Ersov

Project Sales Manager

+39 345 358 7934

Elionora Nistor

Senior Sales Manager

+39 389 499 4863

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