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Vivai NISCHLER d. Nischler Georg & C s.s. Agricola

About the company

The nursery Nischler was founded in 1986.

Our nursery has its administrative seat in Silandro (province of Bolzano - Italy) and the production site in Albaredo d'Adige (province of Verona - Italy).

The nursery Nischler produces high quality apple trees which are planted in high density (modern/intensive) fruit orchards.

We produce about 5 to 6 million apple trees per year. We use mainly the rootstock M9 T337. We are one of the largest apple tree nurseries in Europe.

Our apple trees are virus-free. The varieties and clones are selected in our own bud wood orchard (where we produce the propagation material).

We produce many of the currently popular apple varieties, but also own apple varieties.


Administration seat:
Zona produttiva 1 Vezzano
39028 Silandro (BZ)

Production seat:
Via Cadelsette 58/A
37041 Albaredo d’Adige (VR)


Patrick Terzer


Markus Walter

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